Editorial Calendar Templates Samples

What’s an editorial calendar? An editor calendar is used to restrain the publication of articles from several media sources, like newspapers, blogs, magazines, social networking, and email. Since it’s used to restrain publication or program the publication of something, it’s chiefly used by publishers, bloggers, and companies. Firms also extract content from their editorial calendar to make the information publicly accessible.

Social Media Editorial Calendar Template

Blogging Editorial Calendar Template

Marketing Editorial Calendar Template

To assist you organized and be on track of your blogging, publishing, and other social media demands, you may use these templates. It comes with an yearly calendar and are available for downloading online. Download now!

Content Editorial Calendar Template

Blog Editorial Calendar

Social Media Editorial Calendar

Steps on How to Create Your Own Editorial Calendar

Want to create an editorial calendar but don’t know where to begin? Here are some steps on how you can create that editorial calendar. You could also check our social networking calendar template.

  • Determine the 5 Ws of your editorial calendar. That would be that will make it, what contents are necessary, when and where is it printed, and why do you want to publish it?
  • Consider your purpose and your reasons for making the editorial calendar.
  • Focus on what has to be prioritized, set them in sequence, and if you can, try to get rid of priorities that you believe are in the bottom.
  • Ensure that your sample calendar is structured in a strategic way. It should be carefully considered.
  • Brainstorm your ideas. Use what’s available for you or what works for you.
  • Incorporate unique themes or topics which you can imagine and put it in your editorial calendar.
  • To produce wonderful ideas, you should think out of the box. New and fresh ideas always do wonders to any work it’s applied to.
  • As soon as you’ve made that draft and you’re happy with it, you can begin to neatly place it in your editorial calendar template.
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Blank Editorial Calendar

Editorial Annual Calendar

Monthly Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Sample

Advantages and Uses of Editorial Calendar

  • By utilizing an editorial calendar, your actions will be accomplished in a timely way. Your actions will be planned beforehand so there’ll be no requirement for you to stress and what to do next.
  • It encourages teamwork. To make an editorial calendar, you will need output from the members of your group to incorporate new ideas to your strategy and future publication.
  • Planning ahead will make your activities organized and look professional. Something which looks professional always looks great and you can have some confidence it will work out just fine.
  • By using an editorial calendar, you can create or program on a theme which you can apply to your next novel, or use in your real calendar. You may also check our wall calendar templates.
  • You may even monitor your action or the events which you’ve done through your present and previous editorial calendar.
  • Last, it stimulates your mind. The more you think, that more aroused your mind becomes so you’ll have a great deal of learning.