Sample Quarterly Calendar Templates

What is a quarterly calendar? A quarterly calendar is a calendar year that’s split into for quarters. These quarters are often referred to as Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. In business, quarterly calendars are used as marketing calendar to help them organize and plan for the firm ‘s future. Additionally, it lets them make plans or analyze sales trends.

We’ve wondered how important it is to use a quarterly calendar which you can use as a sample preparation calendar. So in this guide we have 10 quarterly calendar templates which are made available for you to download on the internet. These sample templates are also free. Download now!

Quarterly Editorial Calendar Template

Quarterly Marketing Calendar

Quarterly Planning Calendar

Quarterly Event Calendar

Quarterly Training Calendar

How to Create Quarterly Calendar

Developing a quarterly calendar template isn’t tough to do, particularly if you understand what to add in it. To assist you with making one, simply follow the steps that we’ve provided below.

  • Determine first why or to what purpose your quarterly calendar will be used.
  • Choose a template. You can also download some of our sample templates.
  • List down what you had to write on your calendar and your programs.
  • Print out or draw the template you’ll be using. It would be best if every quarter of your calendar is fitted in 1 page per quarter.
  • Transfer your listing to your calendar template and you’re finished!

How Are Quarters Divided in Business?

A quarter signifies one-fourth of annually. They are usually expressed with the letter Q and the corresponding quarter amount. Three months constitute a quarter of a year and this is the way quarters are divided in company. The first quarter or Q1 would include the months January, February, and March. The next quarter or Q2 would comprise April, May, and June. The next quarter or Q3 will be July, August, and September. The last quarter or Q4 would include October, November, and December. Please also see sample financial calendar.

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Tax Return Quarterly

School Quarterly

Quarterly Academic Calendar

Corporate Quarterly

Business Quarterly

Quarterly Calendar Sample

Uses of a Quarterly Calendar

Some people are utilized to the monthly basis of doing things for reasons that they don’t understand what quarterly isthey just plainly don’t care. Some colleges also embrace the quarterly Calendar in their college calendar templates in which they could have three semesters in a school year rather than 2 semesters. Even though the monthly setup is great for many people, there are still other things that work best with a quarterly calendar and they’re discussed below.

  • In business, a quarterly calendar is used as a basis for creating reports, reports about earnings and benefits which are due for repayment.
  • In education, a quarterly calendar permits the faculty to have a three-semester system. Having more semesters means more courses and more topics can be taught.
  • The professors and teachers are also given the opportunity to educate about their specialties and not only the ones that are stipulated in the program.
  • The students may choose from a broad selection of subjects to select from. You might also wish to view Wall Calendar template.
  • You may make payments on quarterly basis. This makes making payments easier and hassle-free, particularly if the payment amount every month is only a small price.